About MusicOfMassage

My name is Jonathan Kraft.

I have been a Certified Massage Therapist in the state of Colorado (USA) since March, 2001.

After several years of practicing massage, I found myself listening to the same 5 CD’s over and over and over.

When my regular clients started remarking that they had heard the music too much, and started asking if I had any other music they could listen to during their massage sessions, I knew I needed to find other options.

So (this was in 2009), I bought a bunch of CD’s (at $20/piece), downloaded a bunch of music from iTunes and other sites, and started looking for other sources of music.

The problem with the CD’s I bought is that frequently, 3-4 of the songs would be nice and relaxing, while the majority of it was cheesy, **over*flowery** music, which I didn’t find relaxing at all.

I didn’t mind paying for a whole CD, but I was only getting a couple of songs.

I didn’t like the compilations, and neither did my massage clients when I played the music for them.


I then tried Pandora.  Both the free version and the paid version.

I found some good stations.

But overall, even on the paid version, the music would often go from calm/peaceful to not at all good music for massage.


However, in the process of looking for more music for my massage clients, I found over 1000 sources for music online, some paid, some free.

Much of this music is from artists and compilations you can’t find by buying music in the stores or on iTunes/Pandora.

These artists don’t have big record deals.

They’re people like you and me.

The difference?

Their gift is not in the healing art of massage, but in the healing art of music.

When they don’t give the music for free (sometimes they do, in exchange for the exposure they get through Music of Massage), I arrange fair deals with them to be able to share this music with you.  (So yes, a fair portion of your monthly payment goes directly to the artists whose music you listen to.)

I have spent years hunting through this music to find the best music for massage and relaxation.

You will be getting my hundreds of hours invested into finding this music.

You will be receiving the same compilations (think “mix-tape”) that I use to provide my own clients with the ultimate in healing sounds during their massage sessions.

These compilations will:

  • Save your time
  • Save your money
  • Ease your frustration
  • Help you be in the flow during massage sessions

This is what you are getting here monthly through MusicOfMassage.com.

It’s like getting the ultimate mix of music perfectly suited for massage, and getting it automatically delivered to you.

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  • After that, you simply log in from any device, and click play.
  • Then enjoy as more than 65 hours of tracks of massage music, continuously streams directly to your device (iPhone, iPad, Android, are all compatible with this service).

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