Roberto Mecca Massage Therapy Scam Continues

If you are on this page, it’s likely because you’ve received a message from Roberto Mecca, wanting to send you one of his massage clients. In the case of his contact with me, she’s supposedly a very attractive Australian model. This is a scam. What follows is a full account of my correspondence with this individual/group. It starts with the… Read more →

Another Massage Therapy Scam – Nearly Naked Models

This Massage therapy scam is actually quite good… It probably was sent mostly to male massage therapists. You’ll see in the email below. Roberto Mecca is likely a fake name.  This whole thing is a fake tailored to massage therapists. If you’ve received a message like this, run away. It is a scam. You might be tempted by the pictures…… Read more →

Ben Raes and Steve Abel: Massage Therapy Scam Continues

Today in the mail, I received three money orders from “Steve Abel”. Steve Abel is supposedly the guy who is helping Ben Raes to purchase the massage appointments from me. Here’s the problem… there should have been 1 money order for $870, the agreed upon price for Ben’s 9 hours of massage appointments. The money orders I received total more… Read more →

Beware Of Massage Therapy Scams: Ben Raes Wants 6 Sessions of 90 Minutes

I just recently discovered that I am involved in someone trying to scam me. Some red flags have been going up, so I googled the phone number of the person who has been emailing me: “011447424057189” No results came up so I instead Googled “Ben Raes”. That led me to this post: http://www.abmp.com/news/e-mail-scams-continue-to-target-massage-therapists/. Below is the text of my conversation… Read more →

How Groupon Can Build (Or Destroy) Your Massage Business (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, do that here. This article assumes that you’ve already run a Groupon offer for your massage business. Here’s what you do with your new clients once you’ve gotten them to take advantage of your offer on Groupon. Make it easy for them to schedule an appointment with you. Give them options to schedule their… Read more →

How Groupon Can Build (Or Destroy) Your Massage Business (Part 1)

If you are a massage therapist looking for new clients, you should be aware: most people in your city have heard of Groupon. And most Groupon users know that they can always find a great deal on a massage by visiting Groupon’s website. If you are a massage therapist, beware, and be aware: Groupon and $25 student massage is your… Read more →

Massage Music for June: Summer Tranquility

Summer massage music should be lighter, enjoying the feel of cool summer evenings, but appreciating hot days and the life they bring. This music will help your clients be in the present during their summertime massage sessions. Read more →