Massage Therapy Marketing: 27 Hooks For Massage Therapists

In marketing, a hook is the thing which gets you to “take it for a test drive”, “have a free sample”, or “Get 30% more for free.”

A hook is the back cover of the book which works to entice you to open the book and buy it.

As a massage therapist, what’s your hook?

When you’re out giving chair massage or table massage at an on-site location, how do you get people to take you for a test drive?

Hint #1: If your “hook” is “free massage,” you’re dead in the water. Anyone can give free massage. What makes you different or unique?

Hint #2: You should think of your hook as a headline. Headlines are proven to be more effective if The First Letter Of Every Word Is Capitalized, and also “If The Headline Has Quotes Around It”. So when you put your headline on a poster, banner, or your website, make sure you use Title Case, and make sure you “Put Quotes Around Your Hook”.

Here are 27 hooks you can use to get people to take you up on your offer of free massage, and to start building a relationship with them before you’ve even spoken with or met them.

Adapt or modify these massage therapy marketing hooks to something that suits your business.

1. “Exotic (Thai/Swedish/Asian/Deep Tissue) Massage That Has Nothing To Do With Sex”
2. “Your Bod. My chair. 5 Minutes. No obligation.”
3. “5 Glorious Minutes In Heaven. Yes, It’s Free.”
4. “7 Points In the Body Can Free You From Pain”
5. “3 Little Known Facts About Fake Massage Therapists”
6. “Your Body’s a Temple. Why Is It Hard As A Rock?”
7. “Your Body Needs These Kneads.”
8. “I’m Giving Free Massage Because I Hope You’ll Want More”
9. “Looks Relaxing, Yes? Yes, It’s Free.”
10. “5 (More) Reasons Why You Can’t Relax”
11. “Your Back + My Hands = Relaxation”
12. “My Massage = You Go Home Happy!”
13. “My Massage Makes Muscles Move Magnificently”
14. “3 Reasons Massage Lets You Live Longer”
15. “This Massage Will Make Your Day Better, Guaranteed!”
16. “People Call Me Magic Hands. Try It. You’ll See…”
17. ”Normally, Only My Mom Gets Free Massage (but today, you can too)”
18. “For Your Loose Change I’ll Loosen Your Muscles…”
19. “Do You Want Personal Perfect Postural Positioning?”
20. “Want To Feel Great? Sit. In My Chair. 5 Minutes.”
21. “Free Sample. I’m Hoping You’ll Love It.”
22. “Free 5 Minute Samples. I’m Hoping You’ll Get Addicted.”
23. “Complete Relaxation In 5 Minutes (Or Less)”
24. “I Don’t Do This Often, But Today Is Free Massage Day”
25. “Step 1: Sit In My Chair. Step 2: Relax With Free Massage. Step 3: Be Happy.”
26. “You. Here. Now. Free Massage. Sit. Relax.”
27. “5 Minutes. Free Massage. Keep Your Shirt On”

You can use one of these hooks as-is, base yours off one of these, or come up with your own hook relating to your massage business.

The point is to be different, and to get passersby to want to sit in your chair because you’ve made them laugh or made them think.

Have a hook that’s stronger than “free massage”, and you’ll find you have a much easier time converting passersby into people who take you up on your offer. If you make them laugh or make them think, you’ll also find that those people will be more likely to schedule a follow up (and fully paid) massage appointment.

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