Massage Music for June: Summer Tranquility

June Massage Music

June 2011’s massage music was called Summer Tranquility.


Click play above (and turn up your speakers) to hear 30 second samples from the CD.

Welcome to June 2011’s Music of Massage: Summer Tranquility

I really like Colorado summers. Even in the heat of July, the weather cools down in the evenings and just becomes beautiful.

One thing I really dislike about July though is it brings with it mosquitoes. They can ruin a nice summer evening faster than anything I know.

However, in June, the mosquitoes are still pretty tame, the wheat is coming up and ready to be harvested, and summer evenings have a tranquility to them that is easy to enjoy.

And so, I hope you enjoy June 2011’s Music of Massage:

Summer Tranquility

June 2011 Massage Music – Summer Tranquility

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