Massage Music for May: Three Months In Asia

May Massage Music

May 2011’s massage music was called Three Months In Asia.


Click play above to (and turn up your speakers) to hear 30 second samples from the CD.

Welcome to May 2011’s Music of Massage: Three Months In Asia

My wife and I have spent the last three months in various parts of Asia, and as you might imagine, have been quite inspired by much of the music we’ve heard and the various places we’ve visited.

This included our first Thai Massages (quite different from Western massage), and a repeat to the Chinese massage I enjoy very much. This has been a time of great growth and development, and I’m excited about what it means for the rest of 2011.

You’ll find that the music for this month starts with a kind of boisterous start and a light finish.

When I give massage, I find that the first 5-10 minutes of a client’s session, many of them are in fight or flight mode (depending on how many times I have worked with them before). The first two tracks are designed to take from their current state of thought and bring them into being open to having a relaxing experience.

At the end of the session, clients are sometimes reluctant to leave. This is understandable, considering they’ve just had a really relaxing experience and may not be ready to re-enter the world yet. So the final track of this month is a water flute and koto type instrument, which is a bit more bouncy than most of the other music I usually select for Music of Massage.

However, it’s designed to help your client wake up a bit, and be ready to re-enter the world in a peaceful way at the end of their massage. (One word of caution – before putting this CD on repeat (for a 90 minute session) listen to it and see how it sounds to you.

The beginning of the CD starts at a louder volume level, and may not suit you, depending on how loud/quiet it is at your massage practice.) Hope you enjoy the Asian influenced selections for May 2011’s Music of Massage: Three Months in Asia.

May 2011 Massage Music – Three Months in Asia

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